Moving Out

Blogs are always personal, whether it’s a hobby, an income generating source, or just a means to vent out. I’ve been an on and off blogger since high school, even more so, a WordPress blogger for quite a few years before The Beauty Blog, M.D.  officially decided to take off last August 2012. But things are changing, and although I love this blog and have poured my heart and soul in it, I’ve decided to move to another website. 

It’s a means of exploring more than anything, and I know I can always come back here. In fact, should I decide to have a domain, WordPress is my first consideration as a platform. 

And like the comforts of a home you’ve lived in for a period of time, I feel that pang of separation anxiety. I’ve made some contacts inside the WordPress blogger’s circle, and I really will miss this place. It’s just that the blog is undergoing some identity crisis at the moment, and I know I should make the jump now while it is still relatively new.

So I bid WordPress goodbye, for now. Who knows where the blogger road will take me.

                                           The Beauty Blog, M.D.’s new home:





I’m cooking up something momentarily. Stay tuned!

Fashion Daydreamer: Tribute

Since I’m a sorta kinda shopping hiatus, I’m starting a series of wishlists (yes, with -s) of the things I want that some I evidently cant buy and some I have to think over again and again, hoping that I’ll eventually tire of wanting. haha.

Ok, so I’ve been hearing the word tribute for the past week, and if we are in the same wavelength, you know what I’m talking about. Are these “tributes” calling out to me? Nah, I obviously cant buy it, and even if I could, it will never get past my conscience. So, unless I have a generous benefactor in the future, I can only have it in pictures.

But let’s just say I live in a dreamworld where I could walk into a YSL (or Saint Laurent, as of late) store and buy one pair, then this will be it.

The Tribute Two Pump Shoe in Black Leather
(I’m always partial to black!)


Image source:!{“products”:{“315512AEG00”:{“size”:”34″,”color”:”1000″}}}

DESCRIPTION (on website)


STYLE ID: 315512 AEG00 1000

Not too high, just perfect.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Guess what?

My blog has been very lazy lately ( the blog ha, not me!) lol. Havnt been shopping much lately ( or not as often as I want to- a lightning bolt might hit me if I say Im not shopping at all!). So its just window shopping for me at this time, which I will gladly share with you. If you like them and have to means to buy, it will give me great pleasure! Haha.

The blogger behind Pulseras by Kim is one of the blogs I follow here at WordPress and its really only now that I got to take a closer look at her wares ( actually, she had me at Etsy, haha.) my favorite? Those rose bracelets that are so in right now ( I mean, you see them everywhere, even on sunglasses! I even have three belts with them —-> GUILTY!). And I love those dainty nautical pieces she has, with the anchor and steering wheel charms.

I am more of a necklace type of girl but hey, I would love to get my hands on these anytime!