the new troops

I have been  going to Nail Tropics salon regularly because of good service and value for money. My bridal french tips was put to the test as it endured the wedding and to Boracay and back with them in chipless perfection.

Going back to the beauty blog archive in 2007 (, I found out I was deeply in love the with the dashing dive at beauty bar (posted October 17, 2007):

super the best!!! imagine my excitement. for two years, jamie, maye and i have been planning on some serious pampering, and it has finally materialized!!! for 300, this super duper fabulous nail spa offers a pedicure, foot soak, foot scrub, sugar scrub, a complimentary drink and lower leg massage. supah sulit!!!! and this what the place looks like, isnt it the ultimate pedicure heaven? they offer nail art too, and they keep putting things on my nails and feet that smell so gud. on thursdays and fridays, from 2pm onwards, the offer cosmopolitans instead of the usual drink. try it, its so fab!!!!
its currently at the beauty bar in glorietta, rockwell and trinoma

Let me now rave about nail tropics.

Simply put, the place was divine. They have lounge chains that are the softest ever, with the gentlest hands working on you. Pedi? 190. Not bad for posh Greenbelt 5. That would entitle you to around 45 minutes of royal treatment. Polish? They have Orly polish that will push you to about 60 pesos more, but the regular ones last to about 2-3 weeks. And when I say last, i mean still respectable looking toes. They also work wonders with stains and brittle nails.

The downside? You would probably have to call ahead because scheduling can be a little crowded, and I do advise you to go the Greenbelt because they have the biggest place  (Ive gone to Serendra Branch, waaaay too small).

So today, my sister-in-law (and soon to be bride) Christine and new mommy Reah trooped to my newest wading pool. Reah got her toes painted this dazzling shade of aquamarine that I envied up to now.

Let the recruitment of the Nail Tropics Troops begin.


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