Do you froyo?

This summer has been ridiculously hot- scorching would be the more accurate term. And the food business know how to take advantage. There was the Zagu era, where millions of Filipinos, not minding the various preservatives, chugged down liters of the fake flavors/real sago drink. Then came the classier gelato age, less of the cream and more of the taste. But the general metropolitan population suddenly decided they want more. Enter the frozen yoghurt stage.

Other people dislike its tangy taste, but I found myself looking aching for one after bearing the almost 38C tempearture of the sun (not to mention the irritatingly frequent brownouts). Lets just say I have tasted quite a few that would do good comparision on.

My first love for frozen yoghurt started with The White Hat. Its located on a intimate little corner in the Shangrila mall, with branches scattered across the metro. Of course, you can always decide on your toppings but they has these template choices that are soooooo good. The red beret is my favorite. Its either a raspberry or strawberry topping paired with delightful white choco bits. Just a ride away from home too. Hmm, I suddenly want a red beret now.

My rating 4/5

When a day in Makati Med forces me to find comfort food, I find Qoola perfect. Its situated between Greenbelt 3 and 1, in a architectural building with little koi fish sneaking a peek at you when you go to the bathroom (that was in the words of my co-resident). Qoola is there at the high end of the froyo food chain, meaning its a little bit on the expensive side. Its one of those D-I-Y froyos where you are the one who will actually determine what and much toppings to add. You are however, at the mercy of your dessert’s weight, and I am one of many (or most), who are in for a shock of their lives when the bill actually came. My first purchase? A whooping 205 pesos! Really crazy.

I like it because of its various frozen yoghurt flavors ( that changes every once in a while). My favorites are raspberry and white macadamia. My husband however, doesn’t like it because he finds it hard to combine ingredients that actually taste good as a whole (unless you copy your template favorites)

My advice? Dont pile up on fruits cause its really heavy when weighed.

My rating 3/5

Next up: California Berry

It was an unusually hot day today for me and the usuail suspects (palaboy laboy gang) :Bistek, Ann and Andrew. We attended the annual Pediatric Pulmonologists convention at Edsa shang and decided to take road less travelled ( and apparently the dehydrating one) by eating out. It burns the skin just to step out in the street and get into the car. Frozen desserts were a must.

California Berry looked like any other froyo place and has the same prices as The White Hat (115-125), but I was pretty disappointed with the content. Meager portions, and not so good lineup of selections. They boast of the California berry special, which was okay, but I think they can do better.

My rating 2/5

Still up for tasting:

Have you tasted other froyos? Let me know if its any good!


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