Cute, but seriously?

Check out something I’ve stumbled upon in facebook.

Huggies jeans?

Western Denim – a timelessly rugged, all-American fabric pattern that alludes to classic jeans, blue-collar cool, and the wild, wild West. Just the perfect thing for your baby to wear when you want to take a road trip through Route 66 and crank up some rock and roll.

Pretty Pinstripes – a refined, delicate and classic pattern that’s versatile enough to dress up or down. After all, with the right accessories, you can match your baby’s look with everything from your pinstriped business suit to a pinstriped basketball jersey. It’s both totally trad yet up-to-the-minute.

Preppy Plaid – the perfect tartan pattern for dressing up your little tot like a little Scot. With the right mix of tops and accessories, you can make your wee lad or lass match everything from the mystical Scottish Highlands to the alternative Seattle grunge scene.

Not my words, mind you. =)


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