The Letter P

When I was little, my mom would take me to Gift Gate, allow me to gape at the lovely things on sale, and I would walk away happy without even buying anything. Window shopping is like Edward Cullen’s take on animal blood, not the most satisfying  thing, but will do.

LV bags are all the rage at this day and age. Its the new braces, the new BMX bike, the new rollerblades, the gotta-have-it item but this time, its wayyy too expensive.

So ill settle for gaping again. My heart wont probably bear to see all that cash downed in a single gorgeous leather bag (=p).

My favorite? Pouchettes. Elegant enough for an evening affair, but can still act as a day bag when you suddenly have to rush back to the grocery store because you forgot the milk (in style, that is!). Here are my LV favorites:


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