Blow that cover!

Woohoo! Im 5 months into pregnancy and loving every minute of it. My following entries will still cover fashion and beauty, but those for the glamma momma!

I still have managed to steer clear of maternity shops and straight into the doors of Forever 21! haha. So under the self-named category “maternity stuff” I had accumulated pieces that are I can still use later on.

On a much stronger resistance force I have also avoided shopping for baby stuff. We have very limited space at home, so I had to think and scout what is really essential before we  buy them. Its so much fun to window shop though, and now that we know the baby’s gender, I am all for creating a wish list. Here is the first on my list:

Being a pediatrician, I am hell bent on breastfeeding, at the same time scared to death. I have encountered a lot of women who can just bare their breasts while feeding their children in public area, and as much as I admire their nurturing acts I have big reservations about that. My friend Kathy gave me this gorgeous breastfeeding cover that also functions as a sling, so it kickjumped my excitement. I would like to have a kapalit on the days it needs washing, so I found this site that offers hip breastfeeding wraps that has front and back coverage. I want one!

It offers privacy so you can go on with your breastfeeding duties with making the world uncomfortable!

Just Fabulous!

Here are my favorite prints!

Royal prints

Vintage Roses- love!

Tropical Blooms

Available at Rustans and online.

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One thought on “Blow that cover!

  1. i was looking forward to wearing such pretty wraps too but i didn’t get to breastfeed. haaay….. so kaya ikaw, pagtiyagan mo meron yan..hihi…

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