Rub a dub dub


This tub is just too chica not to want. The moment I laid eyes on this I couldnt stop thinking about it!

Behold, the flexibath!

At first glance, seems a too tad boring for a baby tub but then you can see it folds up!

I love it, i love it, i love it!

It also comes in the most gorgeous palatte that makes it so hard too chose. Here’s some of them:

You can have a small shelf thingy accessory that can hold toys (but i think its asking too much):

If I was expecting a girl, this would be just too precious:

But for my little boy, these are my top picks:

The red

and the blue

Its Php 2,495 in Mothercare and Dimensione stores. At the Mothercare Shangrila branch, I saw only the blue and the purple.

I really, really hope somebody gets me one. I mind getting double, cause I can use it later on as storage bins or an open toy chest. You cant do that with an ordinary baby tub, can you?

Wouldnt it be nice to be able to go out of town and do this?



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