Jungle Freeze

I know its too early to start looking for booster seats but before you know it, there a little tot already running about.

Here’s my pick:

The fisher price rainforest booster seat

This cutee has a toy that inserts into the tray, that way you can prepare the food while your child keeps himself occupied and entertained. It can support a child up to 45 pounds so you will be able to use it for a very long time.

Cant wait to see my boy like this. Baka madistract ako at makipaglaro din. No dinner!

There is a 3 point harness, so the baby has little chance of falling out, adjustable front and rear straps that attaches to almost any chair, and adjustable harness, 3 seat heights and removable seat back makes it comfortable for the older child.

When he becomes a little man I can just remove the seat back and the tray and he could really dine with us at the table.

I love how its so easy to clean. The pic shows that it easily fits into the dishwasher, but its also nice to just wash it in the sink. The seat has no crevices that can get food stuck in them, so just wipe it and its good to go!

We live in such a tiny space, so the utmost consideration is its foldability. check this out! Im totally sold out!

Its available for Php 2,800 at ebay. Let me know if you find better deals! =)


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