IKEA love

If you dont know the brand IKEA, then you are missing you a lot! I didnt take notice of it before, but when the baby came it opened up a world of price friendly items for me. It also helped that my sister-in-law is based in Singapore and cousin-in-law ni Thailand. Let me show you some of Matteo’s fave things:


The Mula Building Beakers (a.k.a stacking cups) is a gift from Tita Reah when she went to Thailand. Matteo sure has fun throwing this around.

Price: S$ 2.50 (roughly Php85)


Mata 4pc feeding set

I browse through the IKEA Singapore online catalog from time to time and found this cute frog feeding set. Pretty durable and the color is fun too.

Price: S$ 4.90 (roughly Php167)



Antilop high chair and tray.

And the best deal to date. Ito talaga ang panalo! Matteo is so comfortable in this chair, more comfortable than his booster seat. Thank you Tita Tin and Tito Eric!


High chair: S$ 25 (roughly Php850)

Tray: S$4 ( roughly Php 139)

If I have the chance to go to Singapore, Im definitely going there!


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