Hold On

Husband and I fell inlove with the movie Bridesmaids. Its a girly movie that is funny enough for a guy to watch (his words, not mine).

The movie did us a treat and featured Wilson Phillips singing the universal battle cry Hold On.

Once upon a time, I, like a million other girls out there, turned up the volume of their CD players and sang their hearts out, blasting this song from a borrowed pirated song collection (thanks Andy Javier for that). I cannot recall having paid attention to what they look like.

Well this is what they look like way back when:


Pretty cool at that time huh? The overly vibrant hair color, the matte rouge lips, and the pixie cut style. Well, if you watched Bridesmaids you can agree with me that they dont look too shabby now either.

Here’s their pic in 2011




Very chica right? Love it. And if you’re this age and still rockin the sequin top and cigarette pants, I sooo envy you. Few can pull this off without looking “nagmumurang kamatis”.

Watch Bridesmaids! It will knock your socks off!

Their performance shot there. You girls rock!



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