From work

Is what I am when we took these pictures. Running a little low on creativity, plus this is my first outfit shoot so I’m feeling a little anxious.

I asked the husband to take pictures of me, being that he is a photographer. But I ran a little late in the clinic so he was complaining about bad lighting by the time I arrived home.

I thank God for instagram. Husband does not like a lot of post processing but for an amateur like me, I need all the help I can get. These pictures were treated to a variety of filters.


How do you like it? Looks grainy because I used the Ipad. But see, its already 6pm but it looks mid afternoon here.

Dress: Mango(midyear sale, Php750)

Blazer: from 168 mall, Divisoria (Php 200)

Watch: Guess (owned since high school)

Bag: Longchamp (bought secondhand, used almost everyday and ready to retire)


Necklace: Gold- Fashiontruthbeautylove Manila

Red (kinda hidden under the gold one)- from Landmark Php 100


Sunnies- Forever 21 ( Php 300)


Shoes: Liliw, Laguna (Php650)

I hope you guys like it. If you want to start with neutral colors, itS the safest way to go. I hope  I can show you colors and prints next time.

Thank you dear husband for taking these pictures.


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