What makes a good blog?

If I’ve only known how big this blogging thing was going to be, I should have never stopped writing. I had this online journal when I was in med school, when bloggers were unheard of, and I had some followers, if I do say so myself. But come hospital duty and its gone. Now I regretted doing so, tried to start again but always came short of the heightened passion I had at that time.

Come to think of it, I was not really into fashion and kikayness at that time. Sure, I buy Candy magazine and watch Us girls, but back then I was more of a looker than a doer. It was only when I entered internship in Makati that I was slowly transformed (alien?). People in Makati Med adhere to a certain presentation based a a specific group of patients.

And now, I really dont know what made me so crazy about shopping. Ang saya lang haha. My husband keeps saying I should start blogging again, that the hype is still out there, but I think to myself, how I stand out against all the other bloggers out there.

And I ask myself,  what makes a good blog? One that makes people follow you?

I am also the follower of other fashion blogs. I look forward to their posts and the stories of their travels, outfits and fashion goodies. I look at their extravagrant branded things, how they never seem to repeat a top or a dress, and even how they can pull off sky high heels, short skirts and shorts.

But I dont have that much clothes. And I often commute so I dont do heels and extremely short outfits. And I dont travel a lot. And I dont wear a lot of makeup. And Im bordering on photophobic.

So can I produce a good blog? Is it interesting enough?

I guess Ill find that out as the blog grows. What I want is to share my little fashion victories, how I was brave enough to try color blocking, or show off a new blazer, or that divisoria bought wide leg pants. To have you as my companion as I search for that perfect neon accessory. To document my ensembles from a little wardrobe and hope to inspire you to do the same. So you can still look good even if you ride the tricycle or MRT to work. Even if you share a closet with 2 other people. And even if you’re a mom.

Practical fashion. Yup that’s my new mission statement! See yah!



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