That green thing- Joy inspires me

Yup. You read it right.  This blog post is inspired by my friend Joy Tanteo, which in the years that I know her is taking baby steps to kikayhood. Careful mare, once you’re there, there’s no turning back!

I met her during my pediatric residency in MMC. Always in neutral colors, pants, “functional shoes”. But when we started getting closer, my batch and I were constantly egging her to wear a skirt. when she finally does, she went out of her way to show it to us! Haha, I felt like a proud mama, may potential! Only to grumble later on that we made her wear that skirt only  to kneel down during a difficult IV insertion! Ok fine, sorry naman!

She later went on to share that she loves the color green, and that is why Im writing this entry. Her duty crocs are green, she wore girly green tops, career! Haha.

Lets just say I got excited because when we had a meeting two weeks ago in Greenbelt, she told me that she shopped for Posh shoes, and she was carrying this gorgeous kate spade tote that I still want to steal by the way.

So I want to show her a picture of another suggestion and decided to put it here instead. I want her to try oxfords, as they are not too girly, but great with cropped pants and dresses. I looked for green ones, of course, but the neutral ones are just as awesome


Image source

Tada! You like it? Akin yung pink! Haha

You can wear it with cropped pants, like this:


Image source:

This one has better view


Image source:

Or better yet, with a dress with or without thights


Image source

What do say friend? Care to try it out?

One last word though! NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF YOUR KATE SPADE BAG! Hahahaha!


2 thoughts on “That green thing- Joy inspires me

  1. Mare! I love it! Naku stop planting seeds of shopping frenzy in my head! Buti nga am not a regular at watson anymore. Pero syempre imprinted na sa brain cells ko the image of the oxfords so whenever am in the mall my eyes wil unconsciously look for it! And to thnk may flat sandals n akong namataan sa charles&keith! Thank you!

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