Print Shy

Another outfit shoot. Been doing my homework lately.

Husband has been nagging me because he felt that the last outfit post was sooooooo below photography standards that we used the SLR this time. I was also trained to use  Picasa (feeling lucky?), and was able to put a watermark (hooray!). I know this blog needs a lot of work but Im trying to do my best!

If you are curious as to how and when do I write these entries, its either in one of 2 scenarios:

1. In between patients in my second job, where WIFI is free and I have the old Asus Eeepc there (shush, dont tell the boss!)

2. After Mattie falls asleep, around ten in the evening, where all the chaos of having an almost one year old dies down.

Writing in this blog is like being a person I havn’t been in a long time. A person who writes, shares her fashion woes and hurrahs, and even dreams (and posts her wishes here sorta kinda parinig! haha).

Some people do sports. Or go to bars. Or even drink to release stress. I write. Its my own little happy bubble, until of course, Mattie wakes up and asks for milk.

On to the outfit at hand.

I actually bought the leggings because it was on sale. After wards I didn’t know what to do with it. Printed dresses and tops I have, but leggings?

What do you think?


Cardigan: Zara (on sale, owned since 2008, around Php800)

White tank top: Forever 21 (Php145)

Marks and Spencer leggings (on sale Php800)

Sunnies: Forever21 (Php 300)

Necklace: Aldo (gift from friends Nio and Dane)


Flats: Payless (forgot the price, but less than Php1k)


Bag: Coach (gift from Mom)

Aren’t gifts wonderful? Gives you a lot of savings! haha Im so blessed to have loved ones that support my kikayness! Bags are a common gift for girls in our family because we fell guilty about spending for it and its more fun to receive it as a gift!

Feeling sleepy now. Bye!


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