From The Friend Zone: Make Up Doc

Doctors have alter egos. Some venture into sports, some set up bag shops, and some go into an entirely different profession. I blog and plan to open a clothing business. My friend, Kat Villapando, chose the funnest option: hair and makeup.


After our pediatric residency, instead of looking for potential clinics she enrolled herself in Maquillage Professionnel (supported by Makeup Forever), Modern Academy of Image, Culture, and the Arts in Burgos Circle, BGC. She took 4 modules in Maquillage then went on to do Basic Airbrush and hairstyling workshops at Suesh Makeup Studio under Miss Dara Plan.

No to be misunderstood, Kat and I are stlll doctors. But who says you will just let yoursef get tied down to your practice?

She now has what she calls the Pretty Project. Picture speaks for itself.


She has already done workshops here in Manila and back in her hometown, Bacolod. Workshops are by appointment, as long as there are  4-6 students. Workshops are done in 5 hour sessions. She can also do an occasional one-on-one personal makeup lessons by appointment.
I plan to post the porfolio of “normal makeup” but decided on this whimsical, high fashion and over the top set.




Shoot her a pm on her facebook page for more details:


All images here in this post are properties of Katrina Trebol-Villapando.


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