A Dull Day (Part 1)

I call this a dull day because I used my crappy phone camera. We did have a lot of things done though.

Saturday is my busiest clinic day. It has been know that I sometimes talk for 3 hours straight!!!! Not complaining though, hunger and feeling weary is a sign of good business.

It was almost 2 pm when I arrived home. Husband was due for a haircut and we just chose an on-the-way stop to the salon.

Some of you have probably heard my gushings about how Im completely inlove with Kapitolyo. It has transformed to a bustling array of  restaurants that leave you wanting for more! What’s even more great for me is that I can easily walk from our home to most of these places.

I think I deserve a hit on the head for not taking pictures of those restos. Been bitten by the blog slumber bug and was only recently revived.

We went to Ramen Cool, which is a realy ummm, cool place with a Japanese modern vibe.

2012-09-01 14.53.01

Sucky pic, right? I used Picasa on them in the hopes of giving them a little dignity.

Back to Ramen Cool. Nowadays, these is where we bring the family for special occasions if I or husband was tasked to treat them. Prices are affordable, and you can never go wrong with the food. Except for their sushi maybe. There was this one time where we were served frozen sushi. The rest of the experience has been good so far.

Sorry, may kasalanan ako, I forgot to take note of the prices. Lesson learned! Enjoy the food pics anyway!

2012-09-01 14.58.44

They served the complimentary tea in a tumbler. Guess it keeps the tea hot longer, but medyo toinks sa ambiance.

2012-09-01 15.01.03

Kani Fried Rice for husband

2012-09-01 15.04.06

Beef Gyudon for me.

2012-09-01 15.05.32

Kani Salad

2012-09-01 15.07.11


Sorry, no ramen today. The weather is sooo crazy hot we might as well walk into a sauna if we ordered soup.

When we eat there agian, and Im sure we will, I will share the experience with you. And with their prices too!

Ramen Cool address :  #25 East Kapitolyo Drive corner West Kapitolyo, Pasig.
telephone number: 636- 0972

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