Thursdays are my “off” days, being that I do not hold clinic during those days. Our main activity was spent going to the grocery and husband was too tired to take an outfit shot due to his coming  from a graveyard shift.

While he was in slumber, I did practice shooting the accessories via the SLR. The result? Not proud of it.

Maybe someday I’ll shoot awesome pictures then I’ll look at this entry and have a laughing fit out of it. Please, let it turn out that way! =p

Take 1: The Bangles


Take 2: The Necklaces

Take 3: The Belt


Gold bangles: From Landmark and Forever 21

Blue plastic bead bracelet: Bought in a now nonexistent kiosk in Shangrila mall in 2009, (Php50)

Blue charm necklace: Landmark (around Php100)

Brown ribbon belt: From BPI sale in 2009, (Php100)

Background a.k.a bag: XoXo (husband’s pasalubong from the States. He got it from Ross for $10)

Pffffffft, I gave up after doing these shots and tried doing something I was better at: cooking. Knowing my impatience, maybe I’ll just give up and buy a nice point and shoot instead! Shopping!


2 thoughts on “Three

    • haha I can get you some kung may magpapadala diyan, small price to pay for letting Christian in on the KS sample sale! Shopping sisters, we are!

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