What do you wear to a shopping cart event?

I really thought I wouldnt be able to post today as it this day proved to be a chaotic one. But with a baby, is there a day any better?

Our helper was not able to come in, and we took today as our special bonding time. We went to Megamall to canvass for some details for Matteo’s party and then to some other places.

We didnt bring the stroller. Such a HUGE mistake. When you have a 10.5kg baby who cant walk on his own yet, believe me, you’ll feel like you’ve lost all sensation in your arms.

Lessons learned:

1. No matter how you plan your day, bring the stroller. That way you dont want to hit yourself with it after spending the whole day without it.

2. If you disregarded #2, please rent one at the mall. Depends on how long you are going to stay there. Please keep this mind when you arrive at the place, not after you’re about to go home and you’ve carried a slumbering soon to be toddler with his deadweight over your shoulder from Building A to B and back. While using the escalator. With one floor escalator broken down so we had to climb it.

3. Use the elevator. Refer to #2.

4. If you think you can do without it, go for it! Although for us we did and we failed. Tell us about your experience!

Enough with the OA. So this was the first time we went to Toy Kingdom in Megamall, and it was so huge! I loved it! It was as big as the hypermart and there were shopping carts all around to ease your load.

Not able to take outfit shots today, here’s my little boy’s take on the print on print. Para maiba naman. Haha



Bib: Carters (part of a set)

Tshirt: Sesame street (gift from Lola)

Shorts: Osh kosh (gift from Lola)

Didnt I tell you gifts are wonderful?! Mega savings talaga!

Havnt got a shot of the shoes but its a little like this:



Robeez by Stride Rite Soft Soles Football Monkey

Pasalubong from my mom at an outlet store in the States.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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