A Dull Day (Part 2)

Part of our agenda last saturday was to get our haircut. I swear, sometime Im too lazy  that I think I only get a haircut once a year. The hair stylist can only shook his head in dismay. We used to have our hair done at Studio 456 in Shangrila, but our hairstylist moved and fortunately it was within walking distance from our home. Kapitolyo, I love you!

In contrast to the “cut and run” that we do in Shangrila, this new salon has a more laid back feel to it, like you never want to leave the place. It even has VIP rooms for special clients.

2012-09-01 18.41.58

Dont let the name fool you, it can meet above and beyond your expectations. It actually used to be a house that was converted to a salon, which already gives an at-home feel.

2012-09-01 18.38.44

2012-09-01 15.55.55

That’s me in the VIP room with my limping hair. Very funny, Claire. =p

2012-09-01 18.38.01

One thing unique about it is that you can leave your pets and they can take care of them while pampering away. It also provides a kitchen and dining area with a chef  so that you can eat in between treatments.

2012-09-01 18.40.39

It is currently in its soft opening. Shoot me a comment if you want to inquire! Will post more after the grand opening in October!

2012-09-01 14.54.47

No outfit shoot that day. But here’s a dose of my daily arm candy.

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “A Dull Day (Part 2)

  1. love the arm candy!!! ako paiksi ng paiksi ang hair… parang bumagal nga sa paghaba… nagtampo.. I miss my long hair tuloy kahit ba mukhang laging mahangin da labas… hahahaha

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