How to Go About Outfit Shots

I’m still a little squirmish about outfit shots. I am never confident when the camera  is focused on me. Sure, ok lang kung wacky poses but somehow the natural glamour poise has eluded me.

That is why I love doing this blog. It allows me to stretch my creativity and somehow lets me try things I’ve never done in the whole thirty something years of my existence! Late bloomer pero hahabol pa! haha

Here is another rare outfit shot:


One bad thing that I often do after taking pictures is that I tend to be so self criticizing! Can you see my new Mommy curves? haha But I guess the good this about it is that I can constantly improve myself! Should have really started this blog ten years ago!

Dress: Forever 21 (around Php600)

Necklace: Forever 21 (sorry forgot the price!)

Bangles: Forever 21 and others

Hindi ako mahilig sa F21. =p


If you’re self conscious like me, you can put on a cardigan like this for layering.

Cardigan: Kamiseta (owned since 2008)

Sunnies: Forever 21 (Php 300) Ayaw ko talagang magpalit no? haha


Shoes: Melissa, bought in a BPI sale in 2009 (Php 1,200)


Bag: Lacoste (gift from husband)

I think I’m going to have to ask people to do shots for me, nakakahiya naman kasi! haha. Stay tuned for more fashion adventures and misadventures!


5 thoughts on “How to Go About Outfit Shots

  1. Love your whole outfit! F21 forever hahaha. Amazing, you can remember how many years you’ve had some of your clothes!

    Whaat mommy curves??

    • haha best thing about us petite girls is that we never seem to outgrow our clothes! although sometimes we want them to na to make way for new stuff!

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