Boy Crazy

Just in:MAN SHOES!

My feet have been living in the ballet flats territory so Im pretty excited about trying out new styles. While still summoning the courage to wear heels, I think this is refreshing change. What I’m most hyped about is wearing it with dresses and skirts! It will be the complete oxymoron that is so in nowadays!





I super love the color of this one! First shoes to have this hue. The tassles detail and how it doesnt need shoelaces is an added plus!

Shoes: Primadonna (Php599 on sale)






This one I chose because it doent look like brogues or oxfords! It also looks slim and is incredibly light! Plus, plus, plus!

Shoes: Primadonna (Php599-on sale)





My first brogues yey! Went for the classic black and white.



Two unique details: the woven and rubber sole! Two completely opposite elements that seem to go together with this shoe! Fuses the casual, sporty and trendy all in one!
Shoes: from NAVA (Php 875 on sale)



Cant wait to try them! So that’s what’s new in my life. How about yours? =P


8 thoughts on “Boy Crazy

  1. i saw shoes like the black one a few days ago and it was in cotton jeans na material.. cute!! can’t wait to try on oxfords!! but I don’t want to go window shopping or I’ll go broke!

  2. i love the last pair! been trying to look for black and white two-tone brogues for years. i saw a similar pair at the landmark pero 2k plus, yoko nga di naman real leather. hehe. the best pair so far is the one from anthology but out of stock.

    my tonic pairs are nice but worn out na. i’m thinking of getting a pair customized at besa’s pero design and size nung tonic. and i bought a pair from ukay before, with heels genuine leather for P250! steal talaga! and one from payless. i’ve got 4 pairs..nothing new. bawal. haha!

    haha. ang haba! magkwento daw ba! congratulations on your purchase! more! more! more! 😀

    PS: i think you are my soul shopping sister talaga. wahaha!!!

    PPS: i love your blog! sige post lang ng kakikayan. susunod ako, wala pa lang ako sa mood. lol!

    • haha thanks mare! anyhows, im addicted na to these shoes ohh no! lets look at that customized stuff you were talking about one of these days!

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