Super Day!

Pediatricians know that when September comes, there is a baby explosion about to take place. I have never imagined that I would join the bandwagon. No, not the baby explosion but my son was also born during this month.

September also means tons of birthday parties! Sharing to you the party pics of my son’s dear friends: Seth

2012-09-04 17.26.48

Guess who else was invited to the party?

2012-09-04 17.28.19

Im really glad these candy buffets  became a fad! Yummy!

2012-09-04 17.28.02

2012-09-04 17.29.02

2012-09-04 17.29.23

2012-09-04 17.30.45

My reluctant superhero.

2012-09-04 17.30.51

2012-09-04 17.31.45

Up, up and away!

2012-09-04 17.40.38

Buti pa ang paa nag-outfit shots!


Happy birthday Seth! We will always remember you as your parents’ greatest testimony of faith! God bless you!

PS: My hair here is post parlor. It’s alive!


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