The Complete Turnaround

My church, the International Charismatic Service (ICS), sits in the busiest part of the Metro. In front is a jeepney and fx terminal, to our left in a police station, the Greenfield district and various call centers and if you go straight ahead into Pasig, Kapitolyo will be waiting for you. We as a church believe with all our hearts that God has put us in the right place, at the right time to fullfill His work for this area. On this note, and with much pride, we open the 180 degrees Activity Center.

It is the desire of ICS to reach out and get to know the people caught in the hustle and bustle of life. We want them to be drawn to the church as a place of fellowship, relaxation and peace, a refuge from the stresses and problems of everyday living. We want to share God’s love with them, sending out  ripples that they will take home to their families, to their work, to their field of influence.

This activity center is  the result of the prayers, hard work, great faith, financial blessings and never ending support of the church members. And today we celebrate God’s faithfulness in this.

2012-09-09 14.21.52

Getting ready for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

2012-09-09 14.22.31

L-R (Pastor Sam, Pastor Sur, Pastor este Tito Ardie and Tito Ariel)

2012-09-09 14.22.43

Heads up! Entering the activity center. Imagine this many people going in everyday? Yey!

2012-09-09 14.25.02

I always say that during Praise and Worship time its like a glimpse of heaven!

2012-09-09 13.45.28

This place is also so close to my heart as it is my father-in-law, Architect Resty who designed the place. Check out the beautiful light fixtures.

2012-09-09 13.43.43

This stage is set for the Ignite band, a.k.a. the ICS worship team. Again, they are dear to my family and gave us the gift of music during our wedding! Jamming and open mic session will be done here soon!

2012-09-09 13.44.33

Our new tambayan!

2012-09-09 13.44.53

Coffee is free for our guests! Say what?! Yes, free!

2012-09-09 14.04.03

The first customers of the activity center (no coffee, just milk please!)

2012-09-09 13.49.44

These invitations will be handed out to the people outside. Want some? Just shoot me a comment!

2012-09-09 13.51.16

Lifeverse, our wednesday service will be done here, and when I said we are giving free coffee, I wasnt kidding!


This cuteness not included but we will try to be there as often as we can!

Hope you can visit us soon!

To know more about 180 degress and our church, here’s our info

International Charismatic Service

Mayflower Corner United Street, Mandaluyong  Philippines
02 631 5265

Look for Pastor Loribel Bontilao

To God be the glory!


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