Bye Bye Baby

I was running errands today for the upcoming trip and Matteo’s birthday when I spotted this on the way to the children’s section of Rustans.

2012-09-11 15.08.58

I figured they have discounts all the time so I took a peek in.

2012-09-11 15.07.46

there are no shelves! then I asked the saleslady, “Are you closing?”, and she said YES. I asked if all the branches are closing (with a slightly panicked tone) but she said only the Shangrila branch.

2012-09-11 15.07.37

Had some good memories with this store and they did have some good sale on me. I wanted to buy that floppy straw hat with the black bow (third row from the top), but at the last minute chickened out! So it was a yey and boo moment for me!

2012-09-11 15.06.53

Bye beauties!


In mourning, and as a commemorative last buy in the store, I got these. Pagbigayan niyo na ako, Php 300 lang naman.


All items are 80% off, the original price of this one is somekindavah Php 1300.

Im getting a “Shop Around The Corner” kind of moment.

Accessorize Shangrila will be open until the end of this month only.


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