From the Friend Zone: Sj Hooray!

As far as I can remember, Sj is  just this little kid sitting in my Sunday School class. Ever the sweet type, she would give a hug as Sunday School ends. Now, I see her as a grown woman attending the Young Adults Convergence and I feel so OLD! haha

She is one of the more interesting personalities in church. In the words of Tricia Gosingtian, but in a kinder note, she gets a certain kind of attention, but she is fashion forward, and she is a Filipino.

A fellow blogger like me, but she’s more than just clothes. Here is some of the things she writes passionately about:


In her words: “Being a literature and language enthusiast, books are one of my biggest “luho’s”. 😀 George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire Series (where Game of Thrones is inspired), Haruki Murakami’s novels, popular young adult read (Perks of Being A Wallflower, Stargirl, Train Man, etc), and comic books/graphic novels are what I usually collect apart from the interesting requirements which I’ve learned to love as a current lit student (usually theory and criticism yung genre).

One of the reasons why I wanted her featured  is that I love her stuff! Oftentimes when she posts her shoes or her bag, I would comment, “Sj stop taking my stuff!”. Better keep an eye on them you’ll never know! haha


Here is her shoe collection. Her words: ” Ito na po yung current shoe baby collection ko. Yung iba po kasi binaha. (Si Ate ang little Imelda sa amin. HAHA.) Sabi nga po sa “In Her Shoes” na movie, “I get something out of them! When I feel bad I like to treat myself. Clothes never look any good… food just makes me fatter… shoes always fit.”

I TOTALLY AGREE! Same with bags, cloths, accessories………….

Jeffrey Campbell Foxy & Cambridge Satchel for Less

So here are the the most coveted items in her closet. Now you know what to put in maximum security from me!

Her words: I find it one of my self-campaigns to find a clothing that comes alive in the Philippine setting and with the Third World budget kaya natutuwa ako kapag nakakapag-combine ako ng pieces na maganda pero $N cheaper than the original. 😀

Follow her at:

She also has an audioblog: 🙂

Im a proud fashion sister! God bless!


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