Just For You

Going on a trip is the perfect excuse to go get some items. Wait, wait, wait! Before you react, I only got two.

I was really going for a fedora hat but I cant seem to find the courage to get one! Im really afraid it would just be a hassle with the baby and all, with my head sweating profusely! What do you guys think?

So here are my items bought solely for Singapore (and beyond!)

These are two items Im trying out just now. Scarves and envelope clutches. Ang late bloomer talaga! haha


If you have a baby, oftentimes you just want to stuff your items into the diaper bag or you will end up looking like a christmas tree! haha. I found this gorgeous red orange and yellow clutch at Forever 21 while I was hunting for fedoras. Other cluthes are usually as hard as a board but this one is so soft but still maintains its shape. Its so roomy it can hold all my stuff!

Added plus: I showed this to my co-Shopaholic Anonymous friend Rubi and her eyes lit up with joy for me! Certified good buy!


The best thing about this? Tada!

Envelope cluth: Forever 21 (on sale, around Php 400) ——-> state the obvious why dont you? hehe


I kinda need this (really?!) for emergency blanket and wiping situations. I love this animal print but I cant seem to take a picture of this without looking like the Basilisk just shed its skin in our counter (Chamber of Secrets ang peg!)


The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, enemies of the heir, beware!

Scarf: Landmark Php 199. 75

See you in Singapore lah!

Have a great day!


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