Mommy’s Yummy Mode

Comfort foods bring back awesome childhood memories. In this post I am switching to my day identity as the mother to a cutie patootie. Having some pototoes that I didnt intend to use, I made some homemade fries like the one my grandmother used to make for me.



They look so beeeeyoooooteeeffuulllll, dont they? Easy to make and the kids ( although baby lang pala yung akin!) will love them.

All you need:

Oil ( Olive oil, if you can afford them)

Potatoes cut into wedges ( whether you leave the skin or not is up to you)



Rub a little bit of salt into the potatoes. Sprinkle pepper. Then heat enough oil for the fry the potatoes well, the oil must be hot enough before you put the taters. Then wait for them to be a beautiful golden brown. Your fries are ready! Place them on paper towels to remove excess oil.

If you give me some truffle oil, gravy and cheese, I can do those yummy fries from Mr. Jones! Till then, back to regular programming!


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