Boo to the 30s !

I read other blogs frequently to immerse myself in the latest trends and style, as well as keep me inspired a.k.a prevent me from being lazy and lapse to another blog coma. In doing so, encountered 2 problems:

1. Looking at their outfits’ brands and links to the online sites is making me crazy! It’s like whenever I visit a cyber store I want to leave with something in tow! MUST. RESIST.

2. Worrying about my age

I see twenty something and teen bloggers write about how maybe they would stop wearing mini-skirts and shorts when there are in their thirties. All this time I think to myself, well I am 32 but I’m still wearing minidresses (because Im short) and shorts (comfy!). Should I uhhh, stop, because kids think at that age its a little bit trying hard? There’s so much I still want to do. Its just now that Im trying on heels. And brogues. And bangles.  Is it a little too late?

I have a stylist friend who was given his BIG break in his thirties. At that time his raw talent and hard work all these years paid off. I think that’s the answer to the question. True passion never dies. So does good taste. You can learn it, it can grow, and it will never leave you unless you let it go.

I was stuck in the self conscious era of ballet flats, havaianas, and giordano polo shirts for a while. Its now kinda refreshing for me to try the things I just see other people do. Im still getting used to sometimes weird comments and stares that Filipinos give whenever you walk into a room and what you’re wearing is different from the mainstream outfits. Even if what is unique is just a necklace or statement shirt.

Style takes courage I guess. Definitely gonna give it a go.

Booo to the thirties! I want to think Im still young despite my age.

But hey, you guys are free to tap my shoulder if you think I dont “dress my age”!

See yah!



2 thoughts on “Boo to the 30s !

  1. TWO THINGS I also learned is…

    1) I don’t look my age
    2) It posses advantages and disadvantages. But not gonna dwell on this thought ‘coz it might make my comment longer than your blog, nga ha ha!!!

    And it’s not that I want to fool people into believing that I’m still a college student (or a “boylet”, “bagets”, etc, as some designers/clothing magnate calls me, ahi hi hi hi) it’s just that people have this thinking that if you reach your thirties, specially in this industry (fashion), you’re dry of ideas or have stopped learning stuff. That’s a lot of horse doo-doo!!! I still consider myself a somewhat dry sponge, learning and re-learning stuff about the industry (and I still have a lot to learn, believe me.)

    I remember being interviewed to intern for a famous stylist at a Starbucks. The conversation went well with the lady the stylist sent to talk to me. We were both laughing after the interview. But when she asked what my age was, the day literally stopped. I got the “we’ll contact you” speech and I was hinted to leave already (and to think I’m the one who got the table; she was 3 hours late, but her reasons naman were valid). But no regrets. I love working with my “boss” (take note, work WITH, not work FOR). And I’m sure I wouldn’t be involved in all these styling projects and other stuff if I got that internship.

    These kids today are too advanced. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard one of my “friends” say how old he is (not even “feel”, ha? Exact words were “Ang tanda ko na!!!”) when he’s just 24 years old at that time. It’s annoying!!! And now, these young bloggers posting “idealistic” style ideas when they reach a certain age is just plain… I’m trying to think of a term, but it’s almost the same as “racist”, “regionalist”, or “bigoted” (age-ist? Pangit, parang Aegis!!!). Parang sinabi na din nila na nagmumurang kamias na tayo with the way we dress (although, I don’t wear mini-dresses and short-shorts, he he he).

    Fashion is not just for the young, it’s for everyone. And true, there will come a time when we have to dress “our age” but if that means that I’d lose opportunities and be looked down on, then I’d rather dress “how I look”. Besides, I think I’m more comfortable wearing what I’m wearing now. Thank God (And I mean that) fashion now-a-days is more about what suits you and not much about what the latest trend is.

    You don’t look a day over 18!!! You actually look like a teen mom!!! So I say, GO!!! Experiment!!! And wow!!! Heels, huh? Go!!! Suportahan taka!!!

    And sorry for the long comment, he he he… I’ve wanted to write something about this since last year, but then I decided to do photo-blogging instead. Thanks for putting to words one of my frustrations!!!

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