New Kids on The Block

Ever since I was bitten by the Blog bug, it was released to my network of friends.
I think most of us has blogged in one part of our lives, its just that we just get swallowed up by the day to day living and eventually fades on you.
Blogging takes a lot of work, I tell you. There’s pictures to be cropped and fixed, and this you might encounter in other blogs, its hard to be consistent.

So kudos to my friends who put up their blogs just recently.
1. The Vanity Pair (
My friend Kat who now has makeup running through her blood is the half owner of the new makeup and skin blog in town. It will talk about product reviews, trends and the like!

2. Music and musings (
Joy, who I also featured before writes about her two passions: music and books. I have to say the her music is an acquired taste, haha, they are a bit of a hole-in-the-wall, not your mainstream kind of genre. And in the time of digitalized literature, where everyone needs a kindle or a tablet to read, Joy still finds joy (repeat repeat? haha) in holding a paperback feeling the pages.

Hope you guys take time to visit them.
Do you own a blog? Share it here!


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