Singapore 2012: Orchard Road

First Singapore post and it took me some time because I was so exhausted! Why didnt you guys tell me travelling with an almost toddler in tow will strip you dry of energy?! Haha

Before boarding the plane, Matteo thought it would be fun to throw up on his Dad, who doesnt have a spare shirt in our hand carry.  And did I mention the one time I found a Singapore dollar coin in his mouth?

So enough of the whining. Husband and I decided to have a little adventure, just the three of us at Orchard Road. The place is not new to us, but it feels new with the baby.




I was worried that the shoes were too chunky, but success! Haha
Top: Forever 21 (on sale, around Php500)
Shorts: Forever 21 ( on sale, around Php 400)
Shoes: Nava (on sale, Php 875)
Sunnies: Accessorize (on sale, Php 300)
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (gift)


This my son saying, ” Are you done with your outfit shots? Im sooooo bored!”


Took a break and had some Wall’s ice cream on wafer. You must try this, dirt cheap at S$1!

Have a good day!


7 thoughts on “Singapore 2012: Orchard Road

  1. Hi Doc Claire! Isn’t Singapore such a baby-friendly city? I love how they have ramps in all the streets (perfect for stroller-toting parents) and parents’/nursing rooms in almost all the malls (esp along Orchard Road). I wish we had those here in Manila! Anyway, enjoy your vacation with your family! 🙂

    • Hi Lianne. I actually remembered you when we were travelling, I so envy you that you were able to travel a lot with lilybear already! Parang relaxed at sobrang sanay niyo na! Me I was stressed to the max. Matteo was sooo heavy, and he doesnt know how to walk yet. But yes, these moments are precious, and at the end of it, I find myself excited to travel more! Thanks for reading this post, and a happy birthday to Daddy Jay!

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