Today I was given an opportunity to be the resource speaker for a somewhat semi-major event . Nikky, who owns the advertising agency, Brand Worx contacted me to ask me to give a casual talk on parenting tips for the  Drypers mom. Bonggey! haha.

First time high!

I know drypers because its the brand Makati Med uses in the nursery. Its the first diaper that touched Matteo’s bottom! Although before when I found out Nikky was handling the brand I complained that their straps cannot be refastened, but otherwise I had no complaints. Good thing Drypers did something about the straps. hooray! Here are some pictures from the event

Venue: Crowne Plaza

8.5x11Good Housekeeping-01

This is their current campaign and I love it! The baby in the poster is Sherilyn Reyes-Tan’s daughter and I met her several weeks back. Super sociable! Anak nga ni Ms. Shey! haha

2012-09-22 08.56.10

2012-09-22 09.18.32

2012-09-22 09.31.29

At ako ay naiingit sa freebies ng mom guests, or the mombassadors. Henge.

2012-09-22 09.31.46

Drypers is so generous!  haha

2012-09-22 12.37.05

The event included a play area when moms can leave their kids and there will be people there to care of them. Cool!

2012-09-22 13.18.31

2012-09-22 13.18.21

Drypers cupcakes! Yummy!

2012-09-22 13.28.20

Outfit (sorry its blurry, this are all phone pics) Dress: Forever 21 (around Php 700) Cardigan: gift from cousin Bag: Coach (pasalubong from Mom) Shoes Grendha (around Php 1k, on sale) Necklace: H & M (around Php 500)

2012-09-22 13.30.56

My son enjoyed himself to the max! The helper said Angelu De Leon carried him but she wasnt about to take a picture! Boohoo. Also Mylene Dizon, Jackie Manzano, Aubrey Miles, and Carlene Aguilar was there but Im too chicken to ask them to take a picture with me! Maybe next time for the blog’s sake.

2012-09-22 13.41.28

There were games for the moms, good ideas for a baby shower!

2012-09-22 16.38.05

Hindi hoarder ang yaya ko. Promise. haha

2012-09-22 16.38.42

Part of my PF. Hooray!

Drypers is said to be better than ever!


Thank you Nikky of Brand worx for this opportunity and for launching my Showbiz career! haha joke! Grabbed this from your instagram niks!

Have a nice day everyone!


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