From the Friend Zone: Never Too Late

Never too late, says me the lazy blogger. Weekend lazziness is the hardest to break, dont you think?

Today I’m writing about an outfit my friend created for the Philippine fashion Ball.

Just to give you a clue on what it is, here’s a portion from the feature in The Philippine Star:

Picking up steam from its inception in 2011, the Philippine Fashion Ball has become an industry landmark, celebrating the best of fashion. Last Aug 24, the 2nd Philippine Fashion Ball gathered the biggest names in the fashion industry.

Largely inspired by the Metropolitan Ball, also known as the Costume Institute Met Gala, and dubbed as the fashion equivalent of the Oscars — the Fashion Ball pays due homage to the movers and shakers of Philippine fashion.

“The Philippine Fashion Ball pays utmost respect to the individuals who have tremendously helped in redefining what Philippine fashion is all about. It is but apt that we give them the recognition for their years of hard work and passion. Look at us now, we are thriving and we are still in continuous pursuit to develop what we have,” says Robby Carmona of SAGA events.

Anywho, my friend Nio, currently assistant stylist to the renowned Noel Manapat created an evening dress for The Reluctant Stylista or Alex Lapa. There were sheer details and then lace. Enjoy the pics!


Looks ordinary from here. But wait!



Tada!  Check out the slit! Higher!


Love the cut out detail of the top area. Its a peek a boo without the peek a boo! Brilliant!


Image source:

All other images: Nio Manzano

Alex was so pretty that night! and I love that bracelet cuff!

So proud of you Nio! Bigger and greater things for you! All for God’s glory!


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