Bumabagets lang ang peg ko for this outfit.

2012-09-20 12.13.08

If I had it my way, I would wear this set as many times as possible! I’m sure  you’ve seen me wearing these items at one time. Raise your hands if you have!

2012-09-20 12.14.18

Tank top: Forever 21 (Php 145)

Skirt: Kamiseta (on sale, Php 200)

Jacket: Thrifted online (Php 100)

Necklace: Chick flick (Php 200)

2012-09-20 12.13.31

Late bloomer that I am, I just discovered the wonders of  fringes! During the last mid year sale of Zara, I was eyeing this ombre fringe dress but husband stopped me because it looked over the top. For me it was so decadent! I would have worn it with this denim jacket to make it more casual.

2012-09-20 12.13.42

This necklace is sooo light! I so recommend this necklace! This is my first time to purchase in Multiply and I must say, it was soooo easy! So easy its so tempting to buy again. Chick flick is this awesome online store  including this fringe necklaces of super many colors and other accessories, pumps and handbags! hooray for Chick flick!

2012-09-20 12.14.09

And this denim jacket is a steal! Love the bling bling detail of the buttons-so me!

2012-09-20 16.04.09

Ok, execute the outfit! (Sariling sikap!)

Sunnies: Accessorize (on sale, Php300)

2012-09-20 16.04.21

In keeping up the neon trend today, I discovered that one of the cases of my phone is neon green! Yipee!

2012-09-20 16.04.40

Shoes: Payless (price forgotten!)

What do you think of my high school bagets outfit?

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Feeling

  1. Are you the least bit surprised that I’m the 1st to comment? Hahaha!

    Kudos to you for letting your inner (not sure if it was ever inner ie hidden hahaha) fashionista..shempre during residency we had to adhere to a certain ‘uniform’ if you will. Can i just say though, mas malaki pa puson ko sayo e ikaw tong nanganak! I could never wear that bandage skirt unless it had a really wide waistband! :p

  2. I love it! Bagay naman kaya. Move over camille, laureen, and tricia. hihi. Meanwhile, ako shy. but i will try although hindi ko siguro ishare ang link walang wenta. :))

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