I have a dream

I had a dream last night. Its still so vivid at this time that I thought of sharing it here.

I dreamnt that my stylist friend invited me to a fashion ball. But I had a lot of problems on the way.

First, the car I was driving, a blue Chevy spark (so vivid, right), took me a long time to park. And when I finally parked it, I forgot my gown inside.

Then I went inside this grand hotel, went to the wrong elevator and had to go to the far far end of the hotel. I finally rode on the right elevator, but it suddenly flew and landed on the rooftop pool. While I was in midair, I was thinking, well this is weird. Duh, flying elevator.

Then when I waited again for another elevator, I forgot to push the  and it passed me! I remembered getting really anxious and sweating buckets! That was when I woke up.

It was like a fashion epiphany! Haha what do you guys think it means?

Have a good night!


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