As wide as can be

Wearing palazzo pants can be both good and bad, as I realized. When you are petite, and you wear it with flats, it can shorten your torso and make you look wide.
Will I keep wearing it? Yes, sir! The comfort won, especially in this hot and humid  Metro. Commuting is (a little) more bearable!

2012-09-24 13.59.56

My waist is missing! haha. But I cant wear a belt because there a built in sash/ribbon in the pants.

Top: Unica Hija (owned since 2008, price forgotten)

Pants: Divisoria (Php200)

2012-09-24 14.01.14

Yoga/lounge pants effect!

2012-09-24 14.01.31

Sandals: Payless (price forgotten!). I really should carry a notebook for the prices!

2012-09-24 14.02.51

Love necklace: Fashionbeautytruthlove Manila (on sale, less than Php100)

Shell necklace: Bought in BT Terminal Singapore (Around Php130)

Have you got your palazzo pants experience? Share it here!

Have a nice day!


4 thoughts on “As wide as can be

    • hi jen!
      thanks for dropping by. i got sold by the comfort! i’ll try it with heels and i hope it lessens the “short” issue!

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