Copper wire

For jewelries and other complimentary metal tones, gold and silver are the most common things you see out there, so I got giddy excited when I spotted this copper statement necklace. Deadma na sa weight and nakalagay na dollars! Haha

2012-09-26 12.44.37

Tank top: Bayo (on sale, Php200)

Blazer: Divisoria (Php 200)

Skirt: Kamiseta (on sale, Php 300)

2012-09-26 12.45.13

I love the tank because of its painting detail. One of a kind!

2012-09-26 12.45.43

Statement necklace: H&M (S$19, around Php600)

2012-09-26 12.47.10

Bangles from everywhere!

What do you think of my new baby?


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