Photoblog: Rub a dub dub

Good morning everyone! I’m not really a morning person, so I think of the lamest entry titles during this time.
Anywho, allow me to share some of the shots I took of my family’s fave (most fave in fact!) places to eat in Kapitolyo.

This place is my programmed response whenever someone asks me to recommend where they might eat in our neighborhood. No disappointments so far, except that its always packed full especially during the weekends. Expansion please!

I only get very few shots during the food entries because I am always in a hurry to eat! LOL! Sorry!





Soup of the day! Only Php 100. But honestly, I couldnt remember the name of the soup. Was it clam chowder? Or mushroom chowder (meron bang ganun?). I give up!


The star of the show! This is the only picture you should be looking at! haha I super love their ribs! Just the right amount of tang and the meat really falls off the bone. Price is reasonable too! This family size is just less than Php700 and is good for 3-4 persons! It comes with two side dishes, and I recommend the garlic spinach and the potato salad. Pair this with a serving of sprice (spiced rice) and you will have the ultimate ribs experience! I kid you not!


The naked buffalo wings. Thats not really the name, but my mom had the sauce separated so that Matteo can eat the chicken. Cant say anything about this sorry, wasnt able to taste it boohoo.

Come over to Kapitolyo and try Rub! Give me a call or text so that I can meet up with you!

Have a nice day!

TBBMD (Bagong pauso lang!)


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