I guess its quite expected that a birthday post is in order, similar to a year recap on a Dec 31 evening. This year really went by in a blur, much more faster than the others.

This blog is a praise report for everything that has happened on my 32nd year:

1. I thank God for my son.

When I had my 31st birthday, I almost just gave birth to Matteo. My uncle in law had just passed away, and my entire family was in mourning. I was struggling with breastfeeding, was having trouble sitting for a long time and my bipedal edema was in full swing. I had every reason to be miserable.

But still my family and I had a lot to rejoice about. Uncle Pete is now having the best time in heaven. I now had a bundle of joy in my hands. Even though all these events has pushed my birthday away from the forefront, I was still joyful for what I had at that moment.

And after that were 12 wonderful months with my family. Watching Matteo grow was such a joy! That made this year more special than ever.

2. Jobs of all forms!

Jobs dont come easy. I guess you already know that. More so jobs that allow you the flexibility of time that allow you to spend more time with my family. I didnt look for these jobs. They found me, and I believe it was the Lord sustaining me.

3. I found my way back to writing

I am and will be forever thankful of those who took time to read my blog(s). I will always love writing, and it gets more meaningful when people tell me they appreciate it.

Thank you Lord for the gift of life.

My last word is from one of my favorite songs:

In Christ alone, I place my trust

And find my glory in the power of the cross

In every victory, let it be said of me

My source of strength, my source of hope

Is Christ alone!

Have a great day, everyone!



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