The New Frontier

As with everyone on the northern side of the Metro, the Mall of Asia is something we dont aspire, or even attempt to go to on any given day. Traffic is horrible enough to keep you away from it. And when fate does bring you to that place, you take every single opportunity to make the most out of it.

The last time I was there, it had the only branch of Cotton On and Uniqlo. It had a Forever 21 store that for me is bigger than its Makati or Megamall counterpart. Imagine my joy! Because my finances were running low because of my son’s upcoming party, I enjoyed myself just looking at their merchandise.

Then I went to the SM Hypermart for some supplies. I didnt expect what I saw in there. Its like a mini department store! Talk about untapped resources. And just like any fashion and beauty blogger, I went away with a few steals.

2012-09-30 16.53.23

A pair of these beauties is only Php299 but if you get two of the same style its Php399. Hooray! I gave the other pair to my mom. Super comfy I tell you!

2012-10-01 09.48.36

Board shorts that can also function as pambahay clothes (house clothes)

2012-10-01 14.35.45

The blouse is my most coveted steal. Only Php250!

Leggings: Hosiery (Php 250)

Belt: came free with a dress

Necklace: Fashionlovebeautytruth Manila (on sale, Php180)

Sunnies: Forever 21 (Php300)

2012-10-01 14.36.02

2012-10-01 14.36.26

Shoes: Payless (price forgotten)- sorry!

Did you like them?

Have a great day!



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