Happy Monday, everyone! How did your week start out?

I was working throughout the weekend so Monday did come sooo fast! haha But I always thank the Lord for these opportunities.

Anyhobaloo, here is an outfit post.

I love that the overall vibe of this dress was giving a resort feel but the most interesting detail are the sleeves. It reminds me of a kimono because of its fanned out effect.

What do you guys think?

2012-10-02 10.33.08

2012-10-02 10.35.11

2012-10-02 11.43.05

Dress: Rockwell bazaar back in 2007 (around Php600)

With a noisy print and details just like these, I like to keep accessories to a minimum. In fact, I kind of skipped on them on this day.

2012-10-02 10.33.21

Wedges are the best! They are they answer to heels phobic people like me!

Wedges: Payless (around Php 1200)

2012-10-02 10.34.26

Lots of love!



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