A beautiful miracle

Happy Tuesday morning everyone!

Since this a light work day (finally!), I am taking advantage of catching up with my back log. I’m actually thankful of this, because you really have days where you cant write anything!

As I always say, its never too late for a lazy blogger, so now I’m continuing my posts on our Singapore trip.

We went there to attend the dedication and first birthday party of Matteo’s cousin, Izzabelle, or Izzy as we fondly call her. We havnt seen her from the time she was born, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to travel to Singapore.

Matteo was supposed to be born earlier than Izzy, but God had other plans. I still remember that day when my sister-in-law contacted me on skype two months short of her expected delivery. She was concerned about abdominal pains and later that night her water bag broke. It was heartbreaking to see my husband and his family become so anxious because they feel so helpless being so far away. But our God is everywhere, all the time, and miracle of miracles, Izzy has turned one (2 weeks ago, haha).

I’m going to let Izzy’s parents tell the rest of the story. This the testimony they read during the dedication.

Eric’s Testimony

Names have special meanings for everyone. They sometimes reflect a story behind the circumstances when a person was born. We named our daughter ‘Anna Izabelle’ when she was born on the 14th of September, 2011, exactly 1 year ago. ‘Anna’ means ‘Grace’ and ‘Izzabelle’ means ‘God’s Promise.’

Izzabelle is a child born under special circumstances. She is a child born with God’s promises in our heart. She is a living example of God’s  faithfulness to us.

When Christine asked me how many children I wanted to have during our pre-marital counselling, I couldn’t answer her. A few weeks before that time, I went to my specialist doctor to test my fertility. Test results showed that the chances for me to have a child was very low because of the effects of chemotherapy, which I had undergone for the cancer treatment.

However, we did not lose hope as Pastor Carmelo and Michelle had advised, the God of miracles in the Bible is the same God that we serve today.

Christine’s Testimony 

A week after the wedding, during my personal prayer time, I cried out to God. I prayed the prayer of Hannah, the barren woman in the Bible. In desperation, Hannah asked God to give her a child. God was compassionate and granted her request.

At the end of that month, like Hannah,  He answered our prayer!  We saw two lines in the pregnancy test which means positive!

We shared this testimony to the Filipino Ministry here at Trinity in September last year. However, a day after our testimony, my waterbag broke and I was rushed to the hospital. I was only 7.5 months in my pregnancy.

Anna Izabelle was born premature and had to stay in the hospital for 21 days. We were so confused. We knew that God had given her to us but we wondered why all these things were happening.

 But God is indeed faithful. For He has given us grace to overcome these trying times, He had also provided us the financial , physical and more so spiritual means to rise above it. That is why Izzy’s other name is ‘Anna’ which means ‘Grace’.

Anna Izabelle is a special child of God. We dedicate her to God on this special day. Like Hannah, we dedicate her to Him because we know that He will hold her in His hands for the rest of her life.


The venue was at the rooftop of Trinity church. I love it when church members help out each other! Reminds me of home!


Endorser ng eyebags! haha. Pagod na because of this bulinggit.



Everything was DIY. Even the flower arrangements! Tinalo ako ng brother in law ko sa details!


Pretty Izzy




Reading out the testimony I showed you earlier




May you live a long and happy life Izzy! We love you!


2 thoughts on “A beautiful miracle

  1. Thanks Claire for sharing this! Thank you and tita elsie for supporting our family during that time.. God is faithful indeed!

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