The Pocketbook

There’s always an opportunity to shop, anytime and anywhere. That’s a boo and yey truth right? Especially for shopaholics.

My favorite shopping buddy/best friend Rubi and I were talking the other day about this topic.

R: May gusto akong Tory Burch na bag sa ebay (I want this Tory Burch bag I saw on Ebay)

C: Ako may gusto na naman na Kate Spade sa site nila (Me I want another Kate Spade bag!)

After checking:
R: Ang ganda nung Kate Spade! (The Kate Spade bag is really nice!)

C: Kaso wala ng space sa bahay namin (But there’s no space left in our house)

R: Ako din, pati ibang bedroom may gamit ko! (Me too, I even have some of my stuff in the other bedrooms of our house!)

C: Ako sabi ni husband lahat ng cabinet may gamit ko! (My husband tells me I have stuff in most of our cabinets!)

R: Problem ko kasi I have a hard time letting go of things, isip ko magagamit pa. So minsan talaga pag nagayos ako saka ko lang nakikita mga damit na tagal ko na hindi nagagamit! (I have a hard time letting go of things, I might use them someday. Then one day I find clothes that I havnt used in a long time!)

Dont you feel the same way? Sigh. Its only recently I seriously let go of some stuff because our closet is bursting. As in!

Anyhoo, back to anytime is an opportunity to shop, one of our staff in the clinic is selling makeup and I  got this from her.

2012-10-03 11.37.25

What is it? A mini magazine? A pocketbook? A catalog?

2012-10-03 11.37.46

So thin, only about 1cm thick!

2012-10-03 11.38.08

Tada! Its a makeup palette! Dont we girls just love to stare at our brand new eyeshadow palette? Its like opening a box a brand new crayons!

2012-10-03 11.38.33

I love that its so handy, there’s even instructions how to correctly apply eyeshadow.

2012-10-03 11.38.48

Shiny, shimmering, splendid! Must learn how to do smoky eye!

2012-10-03 11.39.02

Comes with two shades of blush too! Score!

The price? Php180! Not too shabby!

What’s your recent makeup find? Share it here!



4 thoughts on “The Pocketbook

      • Tama, we miss you K!! 😉

        C, naalala ko isa pang conversation natin..yung I told you I wanted a watch, sabi mo buti nalang d ka nahilig dun. Ako naman buti d nahilig sa makeup! Pero I like your pocketbook ha!

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