Matteo’s First Birthday and Dedication: The Details

Due to a special request (Ikaw yun Carl!) I’m going to start writing about Matteo’s birthday party or this snail paced backlog writing will never end! haha

I will be writing these posts like I did at our wedding. Let me explain:
1. These days, parang wedding na talaga ang children’s parties. I know there’s always an option to keep it simple (and cheap!), but if you really want it to be special, aba daming namang pwedeng ipang-special. Boo and yey moment!
2. It’s a joint dedication and first birthday party, which makes it extra special!
3. We hired a photographer, and it’s would be a shame not to post her beautiful work.
4. I would like to share the details my family, our coordinator Jacque and the rest of the suppliers did to make Matteo’s day really special
5. I’m proud to say that God has provided for the finances on this one (and everything else!). Spoiled ako kay Lord, nung humingi ako ng magandang party for my son, He said “Yes!

It’s a long post people !(stretching muna kayo!)


Venue: The Filipinas Heritage Library
If you see this rather low building tucked away in the Ayala Triangle, you wont believe this is where the old International airport used to be. Its now a library, and a venue for events. I remember this place is where I partly studied for the Medical boards. Nakakabingi ang silence, at ang dali kong magutom! LOL.
It exudes a unique charm and the place is rather intimate.
Another backstory: OA ha, the month of Β May palang I was looking into venues na but all clubhouses were reserved na! Better start preparing early if your kid’s birthday falls on the “baby boom” month of September!


Coordination and Balloons: Partyboosters by Jacqueline Fermin-Tan
In the world of Mommies, the brand Partyboosters is not new. But before I got into the hype of kid’s parties, I met Jacque through my co-resident Carl (special mention ulit girl!). Together with three other friends, they coordinated both our weddings. Then I saw Jacque again at the party of my husband’s niece (I wasnt pregnant yet), and I jokingly told her, “O, sa binyag ng baby ko ha”. But deep inside, there was a part of me that said we couldnt afford a partyboosters party. If you want a reference, just check our her site.
So, it was a leap of faith that I contacted Jacque for the party. Inquire, inquire lang. Is she available for the date? Yes. Does she have the suppliers that I need? Yes. Does she charge for coordination? No.
Gulat kayo no? When you guys read that we had a coordinator, its sounded like a luxury right? I’ll let you in on a secret. If all suppliers go through Partyboosters, they wont charge for the actual coordination! What a blessing!
Hooray for Partyboosters!
Anyhoo, all the balloon arrangements that you see in the pictures are made by Partyboosters. The banderitas I bought from Divi, you can borrow them if you like!


This tarp banner was designed by my husband. I hope Matteo inherits the artistic talent. Now I dont need to tell you what the theme is, right?




We were supposed to have the event outdoors since it is a street fair, but it rained on that day! God had other plans! The result? A more intimate party!





Customized toothpicks for the food made by the whole family!





The candy buffet made and designed by my Mom! I think I inherited her katoxican for details, and hoarding! Sobrang daming candy that day! Check out her lovingly made details:







If youve been to our wedding you will recognize this fellow. He was the ring bearer, and is my first gift to husband. Check him out way back 2009:



We saw the design on this cake online and we went canvassing for it, but my hope and finances have declined when other suppliers told us that it would be too expensive. Good thing its Matteo’s Tita Reah to the rescue. She had this ordered from Sweet Creations by Mums as a gift. Thank you! You are such a blessing!


Loot bags designed by the husband!


What’s in the bag: Toys, a copy of the Book of Hope (that’s another post), wipes and party passports.
Party passports were given to each guests. They were alloted number of food stalls and games that they can visit. They get a stamp on the area everytime they visit the stall. Parang street fair talaga. Works as a hoarder control too!
The wipes were a blessing too. I had a speaking engagement with Drypers just a week prior to the event and they sent boxes of wipes for Matteo’s loot bags? God’s perfect timing? I think so!


Some of the prizes



Snoopy hankies and towels


The host: Alex Lagula.

I had my eyes set on another host when that host overlooked our reservation. I told Jacque Il let her decide for me since she knows the suppliers better. When she told me Alex was the only one available on that date, I said ok. Then I found out the rate, which was steeper than the other hosts! I told Jacque, “Ok ba talaga?”. She answered, “Super galing niya promise!”.
At super galing galing galing nga! At other parties I didnt care much about the hosts, parang boring, but Alex really capitivated the audience. I think the guests’ most raved about Alex of all the suppliers. As in pagpasok ko palang galing family pictorial, sabi ng mga tao, “Saan mo nakuha host mo? Panalo!”.
I also had a worry that the Pastor guests might not like the magic part of the program, but mega participate sila. I dont know how Alex did it, but Master Alex I wont question you and your performance again! Seven out of five stars for you!

I praise the Lord for these suppliers and everyone who helped, especially our dear friend Nio Manzano. Stylist, man of the registration table, Divisoria tiga-buhat ng prizes lang naman ginawa niya. You are there in every milestone of our lives, feel free to change your name to Pascual! haha

So, are you set to plan your kid’s party?
More pictures soon!



4 thoughts on “Matteo’s First Birthday and Dedication: The Details

  1. aawww…touched naman ako. i super love it! Sa parties talaga, it will always be the family and the guests’ reactions that will make the big difference. we can have all the works and frills, pero what sets it apart most is if you have a really good crowd and a very loving family. I personally enjoyed your party because everything i mentioned was there. πŸ™‚ simple, intimate, you can feel how much everybody loves matteo and how everyone is just so relaxed and comfortable to enjoy that special day. It was a privilege working with you. I hope you wont forget me ha, from wedding to birthdays πŸ™‚ God bless you, Christian and Matty! πŸ™‚

    • Yes!!!! Namention din sa blog πŸ™‚ hahaha! Well done again jacque πŸ™‚ sana malagay mo sa site mo mga pictures ng birthdays ng anak namin ni claire πŸ™‚
      And claire as always anything nice and beautiful but affordable is our specialty πŸ™‚ so what is next for us to plan claire after a wedding and a 1st birthday party? πŸ˜‰

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