My first Yabu Experience

Will this backlog never end? I hope it does!

Last week on my birthday, I was up early to cover for a friend of a friend in Clinica Manila. I was pretty much excited about it because its in Megamall. Shopping opportunities!

After work, I met up with husband. We didnt have a clue yet where to eat so we decided to walk around first.

Then I saw this!

2012-10-04 15.31.13

I havnt had reviews of Yabu from my friends but I see blogger’s posts everywhere in the blogosphere. Curious because they rave so much about it, we decided this is where we were going to have my birthday lunch!

2012-10-04 15.31.06

This greeted us at the entrance that escalated their bragging rights!

2012-10-04 14.24.16

I had no idea at first what Yabu is all about except that (maybe) its Japanese. Upon looking at their menu, I found it a house of Katsu. I reseached more on the meaning of Katsu, and lifted this from Wikepedia (where else?)

A katsudon (カツ丼?) is a popular Japanese food, a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, and condiments.It has become a modern ritual tradition for Japanese students to eat katsudon the night before taking a major test or school entrance exam. This is because “katsu” is a homophone of the verb 勝つ katsu, meaning “to win” or “to be victorious”.

Because we wanted our first dine in here to be memorable, we chose the best:

2012-10-04 14.23.54

Rosu is the Wagyu equivalent in pork. Premium meat with a trimming of fat. The 120gm is good for 2 (or so we thought-we loved the food so much we ended up getting a serving of hire or the pork with no fat too!), but the unlimited rice and cabbage is for the one person only. We got that and ordered extra rice.

2012-10-04 14.23.38

To make the experience more special, we got the Layu sauce

2012-10-04 14.23.19

Seaweed and potato salad for appetizers

2012-10-04 14.22.38

2012-10-04 14.26.36

Cold tea for me! Let’s get this eating party started!

2012-10-04 14.27.02

First to arrive are the appetizers. The potato salad is as good as any, but the seaweed salad is a must taste! If you tasted seaweed before you might have found it either salty or slimy but this is neither. It has a gummy texture with a slightly sweet taste. I feel I can munch on it the whole day! Five stars for the seaweed salad.

2012-10-04 14.28.40

Then came the sesame for the sauce. The server showed us to to do it right:

2012-10-04 14.29.47

You ground the seeds in a circular motion (instead of pounding on it).

2012-10-04 14.31.17

Pour the sauce in (maximum of 3 scoops so it wont drown out the flavor of the sesame seeds), mix and you’re done!

2012-10-04 14.37.11

Superior rice quality! Smells so good!

2012-10-04 14.37.20

Tada! Welcoming the star of the show! This Rosu Tonkatsu set comes with miso soup (superb!), unlimited rice, unlimited cabbage (I’ve never loved cabbage so much in my life!), and fruit.

2012-10-04 14.29.14

These condiments deserve a rave too. Try their sesame seed dressing on the cabbage, but you can have vinigrette too.

2012-10-04 15.11.40

Anyare? Haha. Super full!

All I can say is, Yabu lived up to the hype and more! Cheers to you. The staff was great, the service was fast, the price a little steep but overall, yey yey yey! Will definitely go there again!

Yabu is located on the second floor of The Atrium at Megamall.

Have you been to Yabu? How was the experience?

Have a great day everyone!



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