My Php 99 Pedicure

Hi guys! Its the weekend yahoo!

I love the sound of the weekend even though I sometime work on these days. On that happy note, I would like to share my cheap thrill.

I know its such a thrill to have our pedicures done at a foot spa, and I did review some foot spas in the past, when I became a mom I found it increasingly difficult to maintain the nail polish, more so for manicures.

My friend Reah showed me the perfect solution: paint your own nails. And is you’re at it, do your own pedicures! We are not pros, but that’s better than waiting around for the spare time to come while cracked soles and cuticles abound in joy! I passed by Watsons and found this!

2012-10-06 13.01.45

Cheap enough for a basic pedicure set!

2012-10-06 13.03.19

What’s inside:

2012-10-06 13.02.25

What I love most about this are the toe separators! No more facial tissue between the toes! Level up na! and the emery board is oh so cute too.

Did you like it?

Have a great day everyone!



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