First Haru Experience

After our lunch in Yabu during my birthday, para maiba naman we went to Haru Japanese Sushi Bar and Restaurant for dinner that same day. LOL

Haru is a new establishment currently on its dry run in fabulous Kapitolyo. If you are familiar where Cafe Juanita is, Haru is just beside it, reason being it is also owned by the people that runs Cafe Juanita. That should set your expectations of the place huh?

2012-10-04 18.38.43

Ang liwanag!

2012-10-04 18.41.19

A koi pond inside the resto!

2012-10-04 18.49.02

2012-10-04 18.49.44

2012-10-04 18.50.27

Hanging ceremic bell for each table. Matteo started playing with this and the waiters went crazy!

2012-10-04 18.50.54

Bridge above the koi pond

2012-10-04 19.02.35

Here comes the sushi set! So fresh! Husband says its even better than Kikufuji, our favorite resto in Little Tokyo. For me same lang naman, both super good!

2012-10-04 19.12.38

Starting off with this Japanese pancake (okonomiyaki). Yum! Matteo liked it too! Taste not too overpowering.

2012-10-04 19.12.55

Father in law’s Katsudon. Sorry failed to take a picture of their California maki, but its also sooo good!

So did we like it? Yup! We liked it so much husband and I returned after two days! Adik adik lang.

This time, we sat at the sushi bar:

2012-10-06 20.14.59

Jiro dreams of Sushi ang peg! (You must watch that movie!)

2012-10-06 20.14.51

2012-10-06 20.19.52

On the plate: tuna, crabstick, blue marlin belly (yum!), salmon. Again, so fresh!

2012-10-06 20.37.27

On this plate: Tobiko (fish roe) and Mackarel. Although a bit pricey, I would ask you to taste the roe! It bursts in your mouth!

Ready to try Haru?

Haru is located at 21 West Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig



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