Feeling Nautical

I’ve been putting off buying a satchel for the longest time because I tend to do that with trends. Waiting it out until the last minute until it fall off the trend wagon. haha Pretty crappy strategy I tell you.

I have featured the famous Cambridge satchel in flourescent colors in one of my earliest entries here. I also coveted Kate Spade’s neon versions of it.

So millions of years later (exag) or more like 2 years, I finally did myself the favor and got myself one. Not exactly a Cambridge or Kate Spade, but still one of the cutest I’ve seen.

Check it out!

2012-10-08 13.55.47

It does have a Kate Spade feel to it right? Its just right on the budget!
Satchel: M&G, bought at St Francis Square (Php700)

I was roaming around the stalls there when I spotted M&G’s booth. What attracted me was that it was all original, unlike the others that were full of knockoffs. Anne, the saleslady was so accomodating and really marketed well. She even pointed out that the materials used in this satchel are strong, and it was sewn really well. Sold!

And just to add, I mentioned that I am a blogger, and she asked for my business card! haha I guess blogging can really be a business venture.

Too excited to show the world my new bag, I ended up with a blah outfit.

2012-10-08 13.51.24

Dont you agree? Its all about the bag.

Dress: Ralph Lauren, owned since 2000 (pasalubong from Mom)
Belt: bought from Quiapo (Php10)

2012-10-08 13.50.41

If you can afford it, or if someone gives you a luxury brand in classic pieces, I suggest you hold on to them for dear life! This dress really stood the test of time. Quality is sooo good!

2012-10-08 13.53.47

Shoes: from Liliw, Laguna (Php650)- Pinoy pride!

2012-10-08 13.52.07

Necklace: bought at Budget Terminal Singapore (around Php130)

2012-10-08 13.53.28

Cuff: Guadalupe mall (Php10)

That’s my mix of expensive and cheap items for you!

Do you like it?



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