Matteo’s Birthday Outfit by Yumi’s Nook

I mentioned before that Matteo’s first birthday and dedication is just an overwhelming series of blessings, and his outfit for the day is no different.

Around July, when I was reading through my daily digest from NewlyWeds At Work, one of the members mentioned that there is an ongoing birthday promo from Yumi’s Nook-Child at Heart. I was a bit hesitant because I never win anything, but we need all the help we can get for the party, so we decided to join.

What was needed at that time was to submit a picture of the birthday celebrant for the month, indicate the party’s theme, and why you want to win the promo. Here’s what I wrote:

Why do you want to win our FREE BIRTHDAY OUTFIT: Mommy and Daddy are very excited about Matteo’s birthday and we hope it would create a lot of beautiful memories that he will cherish when he grows older. Having a birthday outfit made by you will certainly make it more special. It will be the most interesting detail of our party theme, if Matteo will come in as Charlie Brown.
Party Theme: Snoopy’s Street Fair

When the entries were carefully selected, the album was posted at their facebook page. Well wishers were encouraged to write their messages, and the final winners were chosen based on these criteria:

60%- cuteness of the birthday celebrant
30%- uniqueness of the birthday theme
10%- sincerity of the birthday messages

Can I just say, kinareer ko! haha Ganun pala feeling ng stage mother. I was constantly looking at the other entries and comments, egging my friends and family -competitive ang peg! haha.

So when the moment of announcing the winner came, we were so happy to find out na hindi pala kami nanalo! (LOL!). Of course we won, kaya nga ako may entry na ganito e.


We waited about two weeks before the costume arrive, and I was constantly in touch with them (excited much). They gave this teaser, I was so inlove!


The costume in action:




We were so happy with the costume! Thank you Yumi’s nook for this opportunity (awards night?), and for everyone who participated! Much love!

Please check out Yumi’s Nook for ongoing promos!



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