New In: Feature In BC Philippines

When I got married and became a wife and eventually a mom, my literature preferences shifted. Now, when I browse the shelves of magazine, I fondly look at the other publications as milestones of a particular life stage. Let me show you.

Early Teens: Candy Mag

Late Teens: Seventeen

Twenties: Preview

Wedding Preps: Wedding Belle

Wife: Good Housekeeping

Mother: Smart Parenting

I’ve have seen BC magazine in most establishments where the female crowd, notably the Moms, frequent.  If you still dont know what BC Magazine is, ito lang naman ang No.1 family life style and magazine in the US. hehe We now have a local publication! I have read several of them and they are really good! It takes family life as a whole, hitting many issues that most Filipino families encounter today.

Anyhoo, I’m proud to say that i graced (the cover)   the pages of the magazine! I posted recently about my Drypers lecture, which BC magazine is a part of, and they dedicated a page just that. Check it out!


Thank you, thank you again! To Brandworx, Drypers and BC Magazine.

To all: Grabe a copy now! The October 2012 issue has Marc and Danica Sotto-Pingris on the cover! I’ll get one for sure!


All images from BC Magazine Philippines:



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