Matteo’s First Birthday and Dedication

Sorry, finally posting our outfits for my son’s birthday.

Dont you just love weekends? (nagpalusot pa eh)

Here we go….

Our photos were taken by the beautiful and talented Ms Michelle Morelos. We met her at another partyboosters party, and my husband walked up to her and told her he was a fan of her Glitterdoll photo days. Then they started to talk photography jargon and I was immediately uninterested (haha sorry!).

So just like our wedding, the photographer (Michelle) was the first supplier that we booked, even before I contacted Jacque. When husband mentioned that were planning to get Jacque as our coordinator, Michelle told him, “I sooo love Mommy Jacque!”. There’s something about a supplier raving about another supplier, makes you sit up straight and take notice. These people have been in the business for a long time, and they will recommended only the best.

Unfortunately, she was so apologetic when she arrived late for the party, the first time ever! Haha. But whatever she missed, she made up in really awesome photos, beyond my expectations. I had some qualms about getting a photographer, because it sounded like an added expense, but I know better than not to follow my photographer husband’s wish. Turns out, he was right! Think about it, you went through all the trouble and agonized over all the details of the party and then after, you have nothing to look back on! Isnt it a joy to browse through photos as good as these? Parang ang ganda ganda ng kinalabasan! Take my advise and start saving a little bit each day!

On to the outfit!


On me:
Top: Greenhills kiosk (around Php300)
Necklace: Budget Terminal, Singapore (Php130)


On me:
Pants: H&M (around Php 500)
Shoes: Payless (price forgotten)

On husband:
Top: Uniqlo (onsale, Php599)
Shorts: H&M Men (buy one, take one around Php800 each)
Shoes: Sanuk (Christmas gift)


On me:
Bracelets: Guadalupe Mall (Php10)

On Matteo:
Top and Shorts: Yumi’s Nook-Child at Heart
Shoes: H&M (around Php600)

Are you guys having the best weekend?



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